International Journal of Interoperability in Business Information Systems

ISSN: 1862-6378

Welcome to the website of the International Journal of Interoperability in Business Information Systems (IBIS). IBIS is an academically peer reviewed journal aiming at publishing high quality articles. IBIS is an Open Access journal which means it provides free access to research papers. Please download the newest issue or take a look into our archives.

Interop logo DFI logo The IBIS journal is the official gazette of the DFI Association. The DFI Association (Deutsches Forum für Interoperabilität e.V.) is the German Pole of the EU INTEROP-VLab.


The capability to efficiently interact, collaborate and exchange information with business partners and within a company is one of the most important challenges of each enterprise, especially forced by the global markets and the resulting competition. Today, many software systems are completely isolated and not integrated into a homogeneous structure. This makes it hard to exchange information and to keep business information in sync. Interoperability can be defined as the ability of enterprise software and applications to interact. In Europe between 30-40% of total IT budgets is spent on issues tied to Interoperability.

This journal aims in exchanging and presenting research activities in the area of creating interoperability in business information systems. Ambition of this journal is to get an overview of current research activities as well as to offer a broad discussion in selected areas of the interoperability of heterogeneous information systems. It is proposed to connect research experts from this domain and to exchange ideas and approaches. It is our goal to connect latest research results with real-world scenarios in order to increase interoperability in business information systems.


The IBIS journal aims at distributing latest research results of the interoperability domain free of charge. Hence, all accepted issues of the journal can be downloaded for free at this website. All accepted articles are peer reviewed by at least three independent members of the review board. In order to assure an excellent quality, the journal only accepts highly rated articles. Accepted submissions are published in the journal and citable. The journal has got an international ISSN number allowing a unique identification of papers.


Topics of the journal include, but are not limited to:

  • Integration of business information systems
  • Enterprise modeling for Interoperability
  • Interoperability architectures and frameworks
  • Interoperability of business standards
  • Intelligent mediators
  • Coupling of information systems
  • Interoperability of classification systems
  • (Semi-)Automatic transformation of standard Interoperability of (meta) models
  • Semantic integration concepts
  • Interoperability between domain specific standards
  • Semantic analysis of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Interoperability of catalog based information systems
  • Cooperation in heterogeneous information systems
  • Ontology matching, merging and aligning
  • Semantic combination of heterogeneous standards
  • Ontology- and model management
  • Interoperability of sector specific systems
  • Service-oriented architectures and web services for interoperability
  • Model-driven architectures for interoperability